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Week of 09/20/2021

What is happening this week

Monday, Sept 13th-Hispanic Heritage Month begins today in our classroom

Tuesday, Sept 14th-We will be making tacos for lunch. Please pack a lunch if your                                      student does not like tacos. 

Wednesday, Sept 15th-All school chapel. Hot lunch-hot dogs

Thursday, Sept 16th-Fall Festival during the school day.

                                   Pizza will be provided. Please pack a snack

Friday, Sept 17th-No school 

                             Bible memory test moved to Monday the 27th

Save the date

Online Auction for LCS-Starts Friday September 24th

Picture Day Monday, September 27th

Apple Pie Sale-October 7th

Teachers notes

BIble memory verse test has been moved to Monday September 27th

This week I will introduce a new Spanish curriculum, called Addalingua, we will begin to use it along with our Senderos curriculum we use for reading and grammar. We started today and the girls did well and enjoyed the activities. Please ask them what they explored today. 


Chapter 2-Old Testament review/overview

Lesson 1: The bible

Lesson 2: Creation

Lesson 3: The fall: need for a savior

Lesson 4: God's people: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

Lesson 5: God's people leaves Egypt

Lesson 6: God's people sins and needs judgement

Lesson 7: God's people receives a king

Lesson 8: God's people sin and are exiled

Lesson 9: God's people return and await the messiah

Lesson 10: Memory verse test

Memory verse test- Monday, September 27th

Memory verse to focus on this chapter 

Den gracias al Señor, invoquen su nombre;

    den a conocer sus obras entre las naciones.

 Cántenle, entónenle salmos;

    hablen de todas sus maravillas.

 Siéntanse orgullosos de su santo nombre;

    alégrese el corazón de los que buscan al Señor.

 Recurran al Señor y a su fuerza;

    busquen siempre su rostro.

 Recuerden las maravillas que ha realizado,

    sus señales, y los decretos que ha emitido.

 ¡Ustedes, descendientes de Abraham su siervo!

    ¡Ustedes, hijos de Jacob, elegidos suyos!

                                                                                                  Salmos 105:1-6

Reading/Lectura -Comprehension tests are on Friday's

Story of the week: 




Comprehension skills: cause and effect-

Comprehension strategy: 

Spelling words/Palabras de ortogrfía lección 4

Pre-test: Wednesday              Test: Friday

















Chapter 2-students work with even and odd numbers, equal groups, and arrays to build a foundation for understanding multiplication.

Math Test :  Monday, September 20th

Science/Ciencia- 2nd quarter

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2: 

Lesson 3: 

Lesson 4:

Lesson 5: 

Estudios Sociales/Social Studies

From September 20th until October 15th we will be studying and exploring 4 different Spanish speaking countries during social studies.

Week 1-Mexico

Week 2-Puerto Rico

Week 3-Dominican Republic

Week 4-Colombia

We will end our studies with a Hispanic Heritage Celebration(like we have done in the pass). Date TBA.

We will wrap up Chapter 1 before the 

Chapter 1-My community, My country

Lesson 1: We are good citizens

Lesson 2: Our rights as citizens

Lesson 3: We follow rules & laws

Lesson 4: Our government

Lesson 5: Our leaders

Lesson 6: Our country's symbol

Lesson 7:

Lesson 8:


Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Music & P.E.

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Music & computers

Friday: Art

Art is once a month with Mrs. Bandstra: September 14th